What to Think About Before Doing a Climate Challenge

Thinking about running a challenge? Here are some things to help you make your decision.

A Climate Challenge provides the opportunity to create immediate results and demonstrate how you as an individual can make a difference today. By running a challenge in your team or organization, you'll create internal environmental ambassadors adding value to your overall strategy and promote follow-up initiatives.

We've listed some questions you can use as a guide before requesting a climate challenge. It helps you reflect upon what you'd like to achieve with hosting one and makes it easier for us to help you get the most value out of the challenge. 

  • What do you want to achieve by doing a climate challenge?
  • Is this a one-time challenge or do you want to work to create continuous engagement?
  • Can you link the challenge to ongoing internal environmental and social initiatives?
  • What are good incentives to encourage colleagues to participate in the challenge?
  • Do you have natural teams for colleagues to participate in and someone that can take a natural team leader role?
  • We recommend creating a small internal project group, and ideally, this group consists of social ambassadors who can inspire others. It can also be beneficial to include someone responsible for HR, CSR and communication in your core team.
  • Do you want to run the challenge on your own, or do you want to collaborate with one of our partners to align the project with your strategy, host a kick-off, get help with internal engagement etc? Contact us if you want to be connected with a partner.

Ready to set up your Climate Challenge?

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