Ducky On Mobile

Ducky On Your Mobile Devices

Ducky is a progressive web-app (PWA), available for use via your web browser. A progressive web-app is a regular web page, but functions as a native app on your mobile devices, without the need for App Store or Google Play.

Push notifications are currently only available for Android, but we're working on it!


Due to limitations of iOS, our PWA is unavailable on any devices with iOS installed. To improve your Ducky experience, we recommend you to add a shortcut of our platform directly on your home screen for the duration of the campaign.

Here's how you do it

  1. Open a browser on your mobile device.

  2. Navigate to the Ducky Page you want to save on your home screen. If you want to save the challenge you're participating in, sign into this page.

  3. Click the Share Button on your menu bar (a box with an arrow facing upwards).

  4. Click Add to Home Screen.

  5. Give the shortcut a name, and click Add in the upper-right corner.

  6. You'll now be able to access the website through your Home Screen.


If you are experiencing issues with using Ducky on iOS, please  click here for Known issues



Here's how you do it:

  1. Open browser on your mobile device (Google Chrome or Safari)

  2. The first time you enter the Challenge on mobile, you will get an automatic pop-up asking if you want to add this to your home screen.

  3. Add to the home screen by answering yes to the pop-up. 

  4. If you don't get the pop-up, go to the three dots settings in the upper right corner of your browser, and find "add to home screen". 

  5. Give the shortcut a name, and click add. 

  6. You'll now be able to access the Challenge through your home screen and have access to push notifications. 

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