Host a Kick-Off

Are you ready to introduce Ducky to your entire team? Host a Kick-Off Event to get the rest of your team onboard!

A kick-off is a great opportunity to do something social with your team and set the direction together. Ideally, you are able to gather everyone in one place or with a video conference. Maybe you can combine it with already planned events, like Monday meetings? It is also an option to let all team-leaders host their own kick-off events with their teams.
We recommend you start the Kick-Off by explaining why you want to focus more on sustainability with your colleagues/ students/members. Here are some additional talking points you can add to the mix:
  • Introduce the climate challenge - What is it? Who can join? When is it happening?
  • Explain what Ducky is and why you chose to collaborate with us.
  • Login into the challenge platform and demo Ducky features.
  • Provide participants with resources. People are bound to ask you if they can join on mobile, so be sure to link them here!
  • Advice participants to take the Climate Calculator if they haven't already, and talk about personal footprints and impact.
  • Take a team photo and share it on your internal and/or external communication platforms.
  • If there are rewards for the best individual player and/or best team, this is a great moment to share them.
  • An inspiring guest speaker is always a good way to create engagement.
  • Make sure you have the live screen up and running so that you can demonstrate action.

Here is a link to a resource folder, Here you can find a template for a presentation you can use and an invitation, so use it to make your kick-off great!

Want some tips on how you can create engagement?

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