How to join a campaign with team codes

Joining a campaign with team codes

Your organisation, school or company have just invited you to participate in a campaign, and you're super excited to get going - but how do you sign up?


Here is all you need in order to join a campaign with team codes: 

1. Follow the link you have received from your organisation

2. Choose Register with Google or Register with Facebook and follow the instructions shown in the web-app. With these methods you will be promoted to accept the Terms and Conditions as the last step. Accept the conditions otherwise you will be returned to the register screen. Please note, Ducky requires your account to be linked to an email address. If your Google or Facebook account is linked to a mobile number you will need to use a different registration option.    

Alternatively, register with an e-mail address:

  • Click on the link that you have received from your organization
  • Click on Use your email
  • Enter your name, e-mail address and accept the Terms and Conditions
  • Click on Register account
  • After you clicked Register account or Log in, check your inbox and click on the signin link you received in your e-  mail.

3. Once you are logged in, you are asked to enter your team code in order to join the campaign 

4. Enter the code you have received (six digits), e.g. 123456, and make sure that you are joining the right team and click OK NB: If the code you're trying to enter is not working, please click here

5. After you have clicked OK you are in. 



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