Signing up to a Climate Challenge

Your organisation, school or company have just invited you to participate in a Climate Challenge, and you're super excited to get going - but how do you sign up?

Here's all you need to know:

1.  Go to
2. If you're a new user, Register Account. If you already have a Ducky Account, Log In.
3. Select your organisation - and department and group if this appear - and click save
4. Enter your Challenge Code - e.g 123456.
5. Accept or decline emails from Ducky during the challenge.
See pictures for a step-by-step guide 

1 - Find Your Challenge

2 - Register As New User 


3 - Read And Accept Terms Of Use

4 - Registering Your Account Can Be Done Once All Fields Are Valid And Ducky Terms Of Use Have Been Accepted

5 - Pick Your Organisation

6 - Enter Challenge Code - e.g 123456

7 - Accept Or Decline Challenge Emails For Receiving Statistics And Comparisons During The ChallengeGood Luck!

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