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What if I have to fly during the competition period, then will I withdraw my team with my emissions?

The challenge only track savings, not emissions. This means that the challenge only contains activities that make us aware of the positive measures we can take to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

If you have flown, you can still record the activity "I have considered other possibilities before I completed a flight (could I conduct the meeting on video, there were other transport options, etc)".

I have been without internet for the weekend and not registered my activities. Can I register them afterwards?

It's best if you go in every day, to raise awareness of your own behavior during the competition, but you can record activities up to 3 days back in time.

I already do many of the activities. Can't I contribute to my team?

The challenge is to raise awareness of everyone on their own behavior. If you already do many of the activities, register them every day and save a lot for your team! If you want to challenge yourself more, we can recommend recruiting more to your team or advancing positive climate behavior for those around you.

I live only 250m from my job, while my colleague has to commute 10km. Why do we get the same savings?

The activities have a fixed saving, calculated from an average Norwegian footprint (13,500kgCO2e). This means that the activities are independent of your starting point before the competition. It provides equal competitive conditions for everyone who participates, and lower thresholds for more people to participate (you don't have to go through the many steps to calculate your footprint).

The most important thing about the challenge is to create awareness of what you can do as an individual, what effect it has - and have fun with your team!

My team has only 3 participants, while the others have over 15 participants. Do we have a chance to win then?

Departments and teams compete for average savings, so small and large groups have equal chances.

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