Frequently asked questions about the Climate Pledge

Why should I make a pledge?

Try it out if you’re interested in challenging yourself with a new and sustainable habit, and get support from your peers. Ducky calculates your CO2 savings from the pledge, as compared to your previous habits. Ducky does not focus on your emissions, but rather the awesome improvements you can make! It’s also a great arena for telling the organization what stands in the way of sustainable change.

How does the Climate Pledge work?

Tracking your new pledge is important for making it a new habit, and discover barriers getting in the way. After you have set up a pledge, you will get weekly emails, and log your pledge securely with one click. No-one will see your answers, but overall statistics will be anonymized and made available to the organization. You can also suggest ideas and challenges to your organization along the way. You can stop a pledge or start a new one by going to your profile page on Ducky.

What if I want to change my pledge?

You can change your Climate Pledge by ending the first one, and setting up a new one. You can set up a new or several Climate Pledges whenever you would like to from your timeline at your page at You can also find a link to change or end your pledge in the tracking and status emails you reccieve. 

I wish to extend the duration of my Climate Pledge. How do I do it?

You will find the option of changing the duration of the Climate Pledge under your timeline at your page at 

Can I invite others in my organisation to participate?

Yes, you can. You will get a personal link in the status emails every fourth week, which you can automatically share with others in your organisation. If the campaign is only open to people in your in your organisation, the persons you invite need to be within your organisation. 

If it is open to public, you can invite anyone. 

Can I have several Climate Pledges at the same time?

Yes, you can have as many pledges as you wish. You will reccieve weekly tracking emails for each pledge seperately. 

I did not set up a pledge when I reccieved the email invitation. Can I still participate?

Yes, you can set up a pledge when you wish throughout the campaign period.  

What if I don’t make it? Or forget to register a week?

You will be asked about the pledge weekly, and we would like your honest reply. No matter if you did more or less than what you pledged, or if you haven’t had time to log for some weeks. You can log the weeks you skipped later, but we know it can be hard to remember the specifics several weeks back. The point is to log regularly, and gather good data on what works and what doesn’t!

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