How does the Climate Pledge work?

The Climate Pledge tool invites individuals to pledge one or several actions they want to improve, and to track it  weekly. It could be to walk or bike an extra day to work, or eat an extra day of vegetarian meal. The length of the pledge is set by the participant themselves, with a minimum of 4 weeks. 


Set up a pledge

You can set up a pledge when it suits you. The pledge will start tracking from the current week you set it up. Every tracking email is sent out on a Monday morning, asking you to answer for the previous week.

If you set up a new pledge at Thursday, the tracking email you reccieve the following Monday will ask you to answer for the whole previous week, from Monday to Sunday. 

You can set up several pledges, and at any time during the campaign period. The pledge closes for pledging at the last week before the final survey is sent out. 


Tracking is done through weekly emails, where you can answer by one click in the email on how you did on your pledge the previous week. 

Every weekly email is unique. If you have not answered an email one week, before you got the next one, you will be able to answer them when it suits you later. The answers are final, and can only be given once. 

If the participants have not reached their pledge that week, they will get the option of adding some more information about the behaviour that week. They will also be asked to share thoughts and ideas to how the organisation can improve to help the participant reach it's pledge more easily. 

The participants can set up the duration of the tracking of behaviour, with the minimum of 4 weeks and maximum length to be the rest of the campaign period. That means that the participants will reccive at least four emails with tracking behaviour and one monthly status email with statistics of their own and the organisations savings. 


Everyone that is already a part of the campaign, will reccive direct invitaiton emails from Ducky. Team leaders are reccieving emails with links to distribute and invite their team that are not participating yet. 

Anyone can join and participate throughout the campaign period. The survey is mandatory to create a baseline for that persons footprint. 

Statistics and comparisons

The Climate Pledge tool is designed to be simple to use and take as little time as possible, at the same time give the participants comaprisons and statistics from the organsiation to learn that this is something that you are doing together.

This is being communicated in status emails every fourth week, and in iFrame Widgets (additional product) on campaign web-page. 

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