How to split into teams and pick team leaders

The climate challenge is a team competition, so teams are important. Here are some tips for how to put together great teams: 

Step 1: Split into sections and teams

In Ducky you can put together teams on 2 levels. The highest level is called sections (e.g. departments or geographical locations). Under every section are teams. We recommend using sections if your company fulfill the following criteria: 

  • Is a part of a bigger organization with more than 200 employees.
  • Have clear section divisions so that few or no participants doubt what section they belong to.
  • You anchor commitment with someone in every section that can make sure to administrate the division of teams and team leaders at every section.

Step 2: Set up teams

  • A team should consist of participants with a natural connection to one another, whether they sit together or work closely.
  • An ideal size is somewhere between 5-30 team members so that the teams aren't too big.
  • What a good size also depends on the size of your organization. Having bigger teams isn't necessarily a problem as long as you have a natural connection to your team.
  • Make sure that every team has a team leader that is responsible for communicating information to their team. 

Step 3: Find team leaders

To get your organization onboard we recommend that each team has a team leader. The main focus for the team leader is to communicate the focus of the challenge to their team and create engagement before and after the challenge.

A team leader can be someone who already has a natural leadership role, someone who is passionate, works with sustainability or wants to take leadership. The most important is thing is to find someone who really wants this role.

Being a team leader typically require 1-2 hours of work throughout the challenge.

We have gathered some information that you can send out to team leaders to prepare them for the challenge.

Step 4: Send us team set up

At Ducky we want to receive team forms by the latest Wednesday 21st of August. This will make sure that the climate challenge at your company is set up correctly and with enough time to hand out team codes that participants will use to join the challenge.

Here are some important things to think about before sending us your team form: 

  • Project leader receives a team form on e-mail and fills inn team division for their company. 
  • We cannot make changes to the team set up after you have sent it to us, so make sure you're sending us the right version.
  • Project leader uploads a finished team form in this google form.

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