Klimabrølet 19


Start: 30th of August 2019, 06:00
End: 12th of September 2019, end of the day

Competition Terms:

The climate challenge is a 2-week team competition, where participants compete in doing everyday climate activities to save the most CO2e. In this challenge, a total of 20+ activities are divided into the categories energy, transport, consumption and food.

  • All activities have a fixed, positive CO2e-saving, and is based on Norwegian average values.
  • Participants log their climate activities once a day. 
  • Participants can log 2 days back in time. NOTE! Once the challenge ends the 12th of September it's no longer possible to log back in time.
  • The CO2e savings per activity are the same for everyone and team size has no effect since success is judged on average savings per person 

How to enter the challenge as a participant

  • Every participant has to create a Ducky account and enter the challenge for their organization. Read our step-by-step guide here.

Winning Criteria

Individual-level: Totalt KgCO2e saved per participant.

In each team, you'll see a top list of who is saving the most CO2e inside the platform. Click on top list to see the individual scores for your team.

For the challenge to be a fair competition for winners on both team and company level, we select winners only among those who have achieved more than 60% participation. It is therefore important to motivate as many people as possible to participate and log their climate activities in the challenge.

Team level: Totalt KgCo2e saved per participant. For winning teams, a 60% participation rate is also required. 

Company level: We will select winners among both the big and small companies. For both company groups, winners are selected based on the highest savings of CO2e on average per participant. For winners, a 60% participation rate is also required.

Section level: If you are a large company with several departments/sections you will be able to see live which section has saved the most CO2e on average per participant. For winning sections, a 60% participation rate is also required.

Ducky on mobile:

Read more about how to use Ducky on mobile here.

What happens when the Challenge ends?

When the Climate Challenge is over every organization will receive a final report. Project leader will receive this on e-mail within a week after the challenge has ended.

If your organization want to reward winners we recommend reading more about prizes here.



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