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Q: What is CO2e?

CO2e stands for carbon dioxide equivalent. Some greenhouse gases have a stronger heating potential than CO2. Therefore, the emissions of these greenhouse gases are translated into CO2 equivalents, which is a common standard for the impact a certain quantity of greenhouse gases have on global warming.

For example, it will be 25 times worse to release one kg of methane (which is the gas cattle burps the most) than CO2, (which is released from cars). One kg of methane released corresponds to 25 kg CO2e.


Q: I want to edit all aspects of my CO2 consumption, how do I edit more than one topic?

To edit multiple areas of your consumption, touch the orange plus sign on the right side of the calculator. Then you will be allowed to change the content. Remember, you must press "update" to save your answers. 

Q: Can I see the status of my consumption and how I am doing compared to the 1.5 degree goal?

As of today we do not offer a correlation between the temperature target and the private consumption. We only offer comparison to an average Norwegian who has an annual footprint of 13.6 tonnes CO2e. However, for us to reduce our emissions by 50% within 2030, and reach zero emissions in 2050 we have to reduce our emissions by approximately 5% each year on average. We will most likely visualize this better in the future, and meanwhile you can estimate how much you have to reduce your footprint on your own. 

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