Why do I have to confirm name and email?

Short summary

If you start the log in process in a different browser than the one your email app uses to open links, you have to confirm your name and email to log in. This is required for security reasons to ensure your identity. 

What should you do?

The simple fix is to only use Apple's Safari browser and Mail app on iOS.

If you continue using another browser than Safari, you must make sure (log in) email links are also opened in this browser. You can for instance copy links manually and paste the in the browser, or in some cases set you email app settings to open all links in the browser you use.

Detailed description

When does this issue occur?

  1. Open ducky.eco in a non-Safari browser like Chrome
  2. Enter name and email as necessary, and click "register" or "log in"
  3. Open the "Log in to Ducky" email in Mail and click the button
  4. The Mail app will always open the link in Safari
  5. You will now be prompted to enter name and email to confirm it's really you
  6. You're now logged in to Ducky in Safari (but not Chrome where you started the log in)
  7. You should stay logged in for weeks, so this should only happen once.

Why does this issue occur?

The log in URL, which opens when you click the button in your "Log in to Ducky" email, cannot contain your identifying information for security reasons. This means that when you switch browsers during the log in process, it cannot know what info you entered on the register page. You therefore have to confirm this.

Planned fix

We have added a message for iOS users entering ducky.eco on Chrome, stating that they should use Apple's Safari browser and Mail app.

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