Why do I have to log in again to a Ducky Challenge on the Home Screen?

Short summary

If you have added a Ducky Challenge to the Home Screen, it will open like an app instead of in the browser. This feature is called a PWA (progressive web app) but is not yet fully supported by iOS. In some cases you might be abruptly logged out or asked to log in again.

What should you do?

You have to confirm your name and email in the PWA the first time you open it, even if you are logged in to Ducky in Safari.

If you're suddenly logged out of the PWA, try logging in again. You should receive a log in email in Mail, and clicking the button opens Safari. Don't use any other browsers. You can then go back to the PWA or continue in Safari as you like. If this does not work, please remove the PWA.

Detailed description

When does this issue occur?

  1. You're invited to a Ducky Challenge, and open the URL in Safari
  2. Enter name and email as necessary, and click "register" or "log in"
  3. Open the "Log in to Ducky" email in Mail and click the button
  4. The Mail app will open the link in Safari and log in
  5. Confirm which team you participate on as necessary
  6. You're now logged in to Ducky in Safari and should be in the challenge
  7. Click the Share button mid bottom in Safari
  8. Click "Add to Home Screen"
  9. Confirm the icon name
  10. Click the new Ducky Challenge icon from the Home Screen
  11. You are asked to confirm name and email
  12. You should now be logged in to the PWA
  13. You might be suddenly logged out because of iOS issues with PWA. If this happens you can start the log in process again from the PWA

Why does this issue occur?

The PWA does not share basic authentication with Safari, meaning you must confirm name and email once for security reasons. Luckily the PWA shares cookies with Safari, meaning that once the PWA is authenticated you should stay logged in.

The PWA technology is not yet fully supported by iOS and is poorly documented by Apple. One recurring issue seems to be that any change of URL within the PWA deletes your log in cookies and throws you out.

Planned fix

Apple is continously improving their PWA functionality. We try to use these features to the fullest.

Any button that changes URL is being removed from the PWA. Ducky is planning a review of PWA functionality and simplification of URL structure. If we continue offering the PWA it will both expand in functionality and be more stable.

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