Why am I suddenly logged out of Ducky?

Short summary

When you navigate the logged in Ducky website, there is a small chance you will be suddenly logged out.

What should you do?

Don't click around too much on the timeline page, and make sure you have a stable internet connection while you're navigating (not switching between WiFi and 4g). You may keep any Ducky pages you're using open in browser tabs.

If you're suddenly logged out, close all Ducky tabs and you should be able to log in again after a little while. 

Detailed description

When does this issue occur?

  1. You've successfully joined a campaign on Ducky and have it open in you browser
  2. You click around and happen to change domain (URL) by:
    1. Clicking back or forth in the browser
    2. Changing language
    3. Opening a survey, challenge or pledge from the timeline
    4. Entering your profile
  3. You navigate back and forth too quickly or while you have have bad connection
  4. You are suddenly logged out

Why does this issue occur?

Ducky uses multiple domains (URLs) for its tools, but the backend system Google Firebase is only made to authenticate only one domain.

We have a workaround in place where we use cookies to keep you logged in as you switch domains. You will normally not notice this. Sadly the solution has not been proven stable. When you navigate between URLs quickly or with poor connection, the system detects this as an error deletes the log in cookie. This is a security measure, and when the cookie is gone you will be logged out.

Planned fix

This is a known and serious issue, and we're working hard to fix it! But it will take some time. The fix involves gathering all tools under one URL, we will stop using cookies and instead rely on the built-in Google Firebase authentication.

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